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Thinking Like A Digital Native

Key Note | Masterclass | 16 Hours Course

This course is designed to help

1. Gain an understanding of why & how digital native companies win 

2. Gives a framework to apply digital thinking to your business

3. Helps understand and apply the five habits of digital natives

Thinking Like A Digital Native: Programs

The Experience

  1. All our courses are designed to be highly interactive, audio-visual and conversational 

  2. The participants use a digital classroom for all learning materials, break-out groups etc. They will have access to the content up-to 3 months upon completion of the course

  3. We graduate participants from the course through the world's first dynamic NFT application in the field of education and learning

Thinking Like A Digital Native: Text

Course Details

Thinking Like A Digital Native

Companies that have been born in the last 10 years, ‘digital natives’ understand and serve their customers in a fundamentally different way than legacy businesses. A key driver of are the leaders who think like ‘digital natives’. Based on research, the course helps you think like a digital native to be successful in a world where every business is a platform, technology, and data business.

Decoding disruption

Module 1

  1. Start-Ups access to distribution Vs Incumbents access to innovation

  2. Introduction to Digital Natives

Platform Businesses and Ecosystems

Module 2

  1. Understanding Platform Business Models

  2. Designing Network effects

  3. Creating new revenue streams

Building Cross-Industry and Dissimilar Capabilities

  1. Why do companies’ cross industry boundaries to disrupt?

  2. Why and how companies build unnatural capabilities?

  3. ‘How-To’ identify unnatural capabilities for your company or industry

Module 3

Introduction to Super-Apps

Module 4

  1. Introduction to Super Apps, Digital Wallets

  2. Applicability of Super Apps across industries

  3. Super App Vs Conglomerate Services

Digital Value Framework

Module 5

  1. Understanding value to customers, ecosystem, and operations

  2. The digital journey and learnings from successful transformations

  3. Understanding value to customers, ecosystem, and operations

  4. The digital journey and learnings from successful transformations

Experience Economy & Digital

Module 6

  1. Understanding the value of time saved, spent, and invested for customers

  2. Overlay of experience economy framework of time on value to customers, ecosystem, and operations

Future of Work

Module 7

  1. 6 Elements of Future of Work

  2. Impact of digital on organization models

  3. Impact of digital on talent strategies

Design & Economic Value

Module 8

  1. Design as a key principle of business strategy

  2. Introduction to Imagine.Design.Prepare.Lead® approach to design

  3. Economic value of simplicity

Hyperloop Of Digital Change

Module 9

  1. Understanding multiple loops of change in a digital transformation

  2. Introduction to Purpose.Process.People© approach to change management

  3. Understanding elements of change in digital transformation

Five Habits of Digital Natives

  1. Understanding leadership capabilities for a digital native world

  2. Five habits of digital native companies

Module 10

MyLearningNFT Graduation

Module 11

A summary and round up session in which participants mint their dynamic MyLearningNFT that helps them to keep learning on the course topics over the next 12 months and verified by faculty. The also have 2-3 check group check-ins with faculty on curated topics.

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Thinking Like A Digital Native: Team
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