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Creating Workforce 4.0 | Future Of Work

Key Note | Masterclass | 16 Hours Course

In a platform economy with ever increasing disruption from digital natives, combined with shifts in attitudes towards work, this course gives business professionals at all levels of experience a structured approach to design, construct and implement a New Work Operating System. This course introduces you to The Future Of Work – Powering Perpetual Reinvention Framework© and helps you apply this to your areas of responsibility or your company. This course will help you understand the fundamental factors underpinning the future of work and apply market leading and tested ideas and concepts to your company. In addition, the ability to navigate the future of work is increasingly an essential requirement for any business professional looking to be future fit

Future Of Work: Programs

The Experience

  1. All our courses are designed to be highly interactive, audio-visual and conversational 

  2. The participants use a digital classroom for all learning materials, break-out groups etc. They will have access to the content up-to 3 months upon completion of the course

  3. We graduate participants from the course through the world's first dynamic NFT application in the field of education and learning

Future Of Work: Text

Course Details

Future Of Work & Creating Workforce 4.0

In this course the participants will be able to learn a future of work framework, understand how companies adopt new workforce strategies, identify new skills or capabilities needed, deconstruct jobs through task analysis to drive a mix of human-automation design, apply principles of gig economy and create a future of work roadmap for their business.

Decoding disruption and key capabilities needed

  • What disruptive businesses do differently?

  • What are the key capabilities that organizations need to build to be ahead of the curve?

  • Applicability of these key capabilities to your company and context

Module 1

The Journey Towards New World Of Work

Module 2

  • The shifts of approach to work from ‘Assembly line to Work without Jobs’

  • Key challenges for companies to adapt to changing employee attitudes

  • Key challenges for society and governments to adapt to changing business and work models

Understanding And Applying The New Work Operating System

Module 3

  • Four principles of The New Work Operating System

  • Seven Elements of New Vs Traditional Operating System

  • Boundary-less Ecosystem of work arrangements

  • Workers as a “Whole Person” with deconstructed capabilities

  • Making work flow to talent

Reimagining Workforce Planning And How We Connect Talent To Work

Module 4

  • New approach to workforce planning

  • Mapping external talent marketplaces and availability

  • Merging internal and external talent marketplace approaches

  • Alternative Work Arrangements

  • Understanding and Integrating Gig Talent

  • Internal talent marketplaces

  • Calculating the Return Of Work In the New Work Operating System

Ensuring The Perpetual Reinvention Of The Workforce Through Upskilling And Reskilling

  • Understanding perpetual reinvention of deconstructed jobs

  • Skilling and reskilling at the speed of the customer: Stackable skills

  • New technologies that create agility in skills

  • Learning as a mission critical business imperative

  • Designing learning into the flow of work

Module 5

Purposeful Organizations, Personalized Talent Experience And Agile Organization

  • Enabling a more inclusive future of work

  • Purposeful Organizations

  • Personalized Talent Experiences

  • Agile Organization

Module 6

MyLearningNFT Graduation

Module 7

A summary and round up session in which participants mint their dynamic MyLearningNFT that helps them to keep learning on the course topics over the next 12 months and verified by faculty. The also have 2-3 check group check-ins with faculty on curated topics.

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