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Dr. Efi Pylarinou

  • Global Fintech & Tech Thought Leader

  • Founder of Pylarinou Advisory

  • Co-Author of 2021 Springer Book ‘Theories Of Change’

  • Co-Author, The 2019 4IR, Reinventing a Nation 

  • Co-Author of the 2018 WealthTech Wiley

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn


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Living To Love The Fast Future Blur

Closing Chapter
By Dr. Efi Pylarinou

Despite uncertainties, there is a growing recognition of the importance of the dynamic interconnections of unstoppable and accelerating technological changes, and their increasing complex impact on organizations, employees and customers, society, and the environment.


Our world is one of growing complexity with dynamic interconnections across ecological, digital, and physical ecosystems. This leads to multiple potential risks but also opportunities.


Dr. Efi Pylarinou is a seasoned Wall Street professional and ex-academic who has become a Top Global Fintech & Tech Thought Leader and is trusted by BigTech brands like Microsoft, Oracle, NVIDIA, and several innovative Financial Services providers. She started her career on Wall Street at Salomon Brothers in Fixed income structured products. 

She is a domain expert with a Ph.D. in Finance, a prolific Content creator, a Host, an Author, and a Speaker. She is a Faculty at The Fast Future Executive lecturing live on the Future of Finance & Money. 

She is consistently included in several rankings. In 2022, she was included in the Top 50 Digital Futurists list, Top Linkedin & Twitter Voice by Engatica. She is included in Onalytica`s 2021 & 2022, Top 20 Fintech Influencers & in their Top 20 in ‘ Who`s Who in AI’ professional influencers 2021. She is the No.1 Global Woman Influencer in Finance & the Data Conversation by Refinitiv 2019 & 2020. Also, in the Top 100 Tech Influencers to follow by the Awards Magazine. 

She is a contributing author in: The Spring 2024 upcoming Wiley book `Fast Future Blur`, the 2021 Springer book ` Theories of Change`, the 2019 book `4IR, Reinventing a Nation`, and the 2018 WealthTech Wiley crowdsourced book.  She is the co-author of the 2002 Wiley book on `Investing in Emerging Fixed Income Markets`.



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