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Imagine. Design. Prepare. Lead ®| Design Thinking

Key Note | Masterclass | 16 Hours Course

This course is designed to help

  1. The criticality of design as an integral part of your business strategy and organization

  2. Learn the thinking process of design through the Imagine.Design.Prepare.Lead® Model

  3. Understand design in products, processes or solutions to create winning customer experience and economic value

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The Experience

  1. All our courses are designed to be highly interactive, audio-visual and conversational 

  2. The participants use a digital classroom for all learning materials, break-out groups etc. They will have access to the content up-to 3 months upon completion of the course

  3. We graduate participants from the course through the world's first dynamic NFT application in the field of education and learning

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Course Details


This course helps participants gain a deep understanding of why and how design centric businesses create value and learn the thinking methodology to apply design to everything they do - strategy, process, product, solution, projects, experiences, business models and more

The Golden Age Of Design Is Here

Module 1

  1. Perspectives on design and design thinking

  2. Design in multiple dimensions: Design of a business model, design of a product or service

  3. The co-relation between design and economic value

Introduction to Imagine. Design. Prepare. Lead.

  1. Understand the 4 elements of Thinking Design: Imagine.Design.Prepare.Lead®

  2. The three differentiators of over performing S&P 500® Companies

  3. Comparative of design indices

Module 2


Module 3

  1. Understand what is a design brief and its importance to thinking design

  2. Understand principles of design


Module 4

  1. Map and draw an idea

  2. Plan and design interfaces

  3. Anticipate how an idea works


Module 5

  1. Plan capabilities to build the idea into reality

  2. Planning capacities to scale an idea up

  3. Prototyping

  4. Gaining insights


Module 6

  1. Importance of story telling

  2. Criticality of first mile focus to the last mile experience

Design & Business Models

Module 7

  1. Impact of design on digital transformation

  2. Co-relation between design and scalability

  3. Design centric business models that blend digital and physical experiences

Exponential Curiosity As A Key Driver

Module 8

  1. Why exponential curiosity is a key element of thinking design

  2. Why leaders miss the design opportunity

  3. And about unimaginative leaders

MyLearningNFT Graduation

Module 9

A summary and round up session in which participants mint their dynamic MyLearningNFT that helps them to keep learning on the course topics over the next 12 months and verified by faculty. The also have 2-3 check group check-ins with faculty on curated topics.

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Hari Abburi

Fast Future Faculty

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