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Cortney Harding

  • CEO Friends Of Holograms

  • Consultant

  • Adjunct Professor, New York University

  • World Economic Forum Metaverse Council

  • Author, Speaker

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Helping Leader's Design
New World People Experiences

Rajan Kalia
Cortney Harding

We are at a cusp of history and witnessing it. Technology and Human handshake is turning into a hug where the two blend. Leaders are able to communicate, inspire, direct and engage their teams deeply and richly with help of AI and technology.


They have better and richer data available to them about their teams than it ever was. It helps them navigate tricky team situations. AI is helping them match their personal work style with their team’s work style more closely.

Leaders can immerse themselves in a neural simulation, where artificial intelligence constructs hyper-realistic scenarios for leadership training. As leader’s navigate these simulated worlds, they engage with AI-generated characters who challenge their decision-making skills, emotional intelligence, and ability to adapt to unpredictable circumstances.


These neural simulations accelerate growth of a leader, allowing them and their teams to explore uncharted territories.


An experienced founder and content creator, Cortney Harding has a singular mission: to help people leverage the metaverse for social impact. As the founder of the award-winning agency Friends With Holograms, she was a pioneer who created VR training pieces around topics like child abuse, workplace exclusion, mental health, Black maternal mortality, and racial bias for companies like Lowe’s, Walmart, PWC, Amazon, Target, and more. Her work was honored as the Best VR/AR of 2019 at Mobile World Congress, a SXSW Innovation Award Finalist at SXSW, and a Top HR Product by HR Executive. She is currently working with Meta to help shape strategy around learning and training in the metaverse.

Cortney is an accomplished speaker and workshop leader who has spoken at SXSW, Advertising Week Europe, the Next Web, and Future of Storytelling, among other events. She has been interviewed by the New York Times, NPR, and Ad Week, among others, and has written for Billboard, Teen Vogue, and the Village Voice. She is the author of three books, including her most recent book on using virtual reality to create social change.

She has taught at New York University and this year will be teaching at North Carolina State and UCLA. Cortney has also guest lectured at Johns Hopkins, Chapman University, Harvard Business School, and Columbia University. She is represented by APB Speakers and always looking to share her ideas with new audiences.



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