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Dr. Alun Evans

  • CEO, Co-Founder,

  • Leading Voice On Dynamic Digital Assets

  • Former CEO,

  • Ph.D. In Medical Physics

  • Lectures At La Salle - Universitat Ramon Llull

  • Author, Speaker

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Deconstructed And Decentralized Future Of Work

Ravin Jesuthasan
Dr. Alun Evans

As decentralized autonomous organizations are adopted more widely, new types of businesses will emerge that would look more like digitally-native cooperatives and less like traditional centralized corporations, significantly reducing agency costs.


In such decentralized organizations, leadership will rely on soft power and empathy, using culture and shared values to align the interests of disparate stakeholders to a common mission and purpose.

Decentralized Identity is a futuristic approach to try to invert the power dynamic of access to services, by giving the final user more agency as to how their identity and data can be used. For example, rather than logging-in to an online service by registering with a centralized database, a user demonstrates their identity by digitally signing a transaction, with a signature that could only have been generated from a given private key.


Alun is CEO and co-founder of - the home of "Living Assets" (NFT 2.0). Freeverse was founded in 2019 and offers a unique platform that brings real value to web3 digital ownership.

Alun has over 15 years' experience in the tech industry for entertainment, and has a strong passion for building teams with a strong collaborative culture, that are focused on creating products that solve genuine problems. He was previously CEO of, a startup focusing on collaborative 3D applications on the web; CTO of, a technology service that provided a virtual garment and fitting service, and Director of Barcelona World Race - THE GAME, the first ever video game that allowed players to compete in a simultaneous real-world sporting event.

Alun has a Ph.D. in Medical Physics from University College London, and has extensive academic experience, having participated at senior level in several EU research projects. He also currently lectures in Computer Graphics at La Salle - Universitat Ramon Llull.



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