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New World People Leader® | People

Key Note | Masterclass | 16 Hours Course

​Top three takeaways from this course:

  1. Understand the shifts in the role of Leaders in the “new world”

  2. Develop mindset, capabilities, and leverage tools & frameworks to inspire, engage and lead your team  

  3. Gain insights from new-age practices and reflect on how you can apply learnings in your context

New World People Leader: Programs

The Experience

  1. All our courses are designed to be highly interactive, audio-visual and conversational 

  2. The participants use a digital classroom for all learning materials, break-out groups etc. They will have access to the content up-to 3 months upon completion of the course

  3. We graduate participants from the course through the world's first dynamic NFT application in the field of education and learning

New World People Leader: Text

Course Details

New World People Leader

In this course this highly engaging, hands-on course will help build a new muscle -in the leaders. It will uplift them from the sanguine and bring freshness to their perspective on how to engage, inspire and lead the new workplace mix of Gen Y, millennials and Gen Z. They will understand the key shifts in workplace and by engaging in case studies and practicing new tools, they will get hands-on experience to - successfully lead this new generation of workforce.

We explore the world of People Leader from the lens of intersection of the four dimensions of Purpose, Connections, Performance, and Innovation.

The course highlights the key shifts needed to embrace the new world, issues needed to be resolved and concepts/frameworks that will facilitate the shift.

Inspire, Organize Work and Forward Focus

Module 1

  1. Understand how purpose is the key driver to align organizational goals with individual goals.

  2. Establish trust and credibility while working with the team.

  3. Examine how the definition of productivity has evolved with time.

  4. Transit from job descriptions to “jobs to be done” and leverage human-machine collaboration for optimal performance.

Care, Curiosity

Module 2

  1. Study the business case for Care and Empathy in an organization.

  2. Understand the constituents of care that extend from holistic well-being to psychological safety.

  3. Identify ways in which manager can exhibit care, empathy and provide ongoing support to their team.

  4. Examine what constitutes a curious mindset and how can one imbibe the same.

Diversity and Value of Network

Module 3

  1. Explore the power of diversity and its impact on business and productivity.

  2. Identify own established patterns and biases that stands in the way of full inclusion

  3. Learn how to strategically map and network key sponsors and advocates across the organization

Create Value For Team

Module 4

  1. Embrace the mindset of creating value to customers by providing value to employees.

  2. Identify the tangible and intangible ways in which manager can provide value.

  3. Explore Feedforward and Experience Maps for adding value to your team

MyLearningNFT Graduation

Module 5

A summary and round up session in which participants mint their dynamic MyLearningNFT that helps them to keep learning on the course topics over the next 12 months and verified by faculty. The also have 2-3 check group check-ins with faculty on curated topics.

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