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Designing AR/VR Experiences | Embodied Internet

Key Note | Masterclass | 12 Hours Course

This course is designed to help

1. Gain an understanding of how virtual and augmented reality will impact our world
2. Learn when to use virtual and augmented reality for customers and employees
3. Learn how to scope and build VR/AR content and experience

Designing AR & VR Experiences | Embodied Internet: Programs

The Experience

  1. All our courses are designed to be highly interactive, audio-visual and conversational 

  2. The participants use a digital classroom for all learning materials, break-out groups etc. They will have access to the content up-to 3 months upon completion of the course

  3. We graduate participants from the course through the world's first dynamic NFT application in the field of education and learning

Designing AR & VR Experiences | Embodied Internet: Text

Course Details

Designing AR/VR Experiences

In this course participants will learn the design principles of AR/VR, technology framework, use cases across industries and functions. They will use a tool kit to learn and apply their learning to their business

The Basics

Module 1

  1. Definitions: virtual reality, augmented reality, extended reality, the metaverse

  2. Content types and creation: 360 video, game engines (Unity, Unreal); Devices: headsets and smartphones

  3. Why use VR/AR for training (Meta research and Imperial Medical College London results)

Dive Deeper: Augmented Reality

Module 2

  1. When to use augmented reality

  2. Use case: industrial training (TeamViewer)

  3. Use case: management training (Yeltic)

Dive Deeper: Virtual Reality

Module 3

  1. ​When to use virtual reality

  2. Use case: hard skills training (KLM airlines pilot training)

  3. Use case: soft skills training (DDI)

Story Boarding & Scripting

Module 4

  1. ​How to create a story for an experience

  2. How to write a script for an experience

  3. Case study (Accenture)

Interaction Design

Module 5

  1. ​What types of interactions are possible in VR/AR

  2. Best practices for interactions in AR (with case study, PandaAR)

  3. Best practices for interactions in VR (with case study, Tree)

Who To Work With

Module 6

  1. ​Resources for building on your own content

  2. How to find a reputable development company; when should you work with an outside parter versus in house

  3. How to build a team in house


Module 7

  1. ​Which device works best for which type of content

  2. Deployment best practices

  3. Tips for follow up discussions

Other Workplace Metaverse Applications

  1. ​Meetings in the metaverse

  2. Social activities in the metaverse

  3. Employee behavior in the metaverse

Module 8

Summary & Next Steps

Module 9

  1. ​Why you should start investing in VR/AR now

  2. How to convince your boss to invest

  3. How to judge and measure outcomes

MyLearningNFT Graduation

Module 10

A summary and round up session in which participants mint their dynamic MyLearningNFT that helps them to keep learning on the course topics over the next 12 months and verified by faculty. The also have 2-3 check group check-ins with faculty on curated topics.

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Cortney Harding

Fast Future Faculty

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