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Kristin Slanina

  • Chief Innovation Officer, ParkMyFleet

  • Member Board Of Directors, Comstock Inc

  • Member Board Of Directors, Ouster

  • Mentor To University Mobility Communities

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Hari believes that strategy in this new world is driven by multi industry influences. This makes every company a platform, technology and data company. Through his agility framework, he puts forth a new approach to strategy with the three elements of Intersections, Interfaces and Insights.


“We live in an ideas economy; a powerful idea disrupts a decades old industry or a company. This disruption in fact comes from ideas from a different industry or seemingly dissimilar expertise. This needs companies, strategies, leaders and organizations to be at the Speed of the Customer.”


With 30 years of global experience; across 55+ countries, his experience and expertise is in M&A's/Integrations, leading complex change or transformations and in Start-Ups. 


Hari Abburi is the Managing Partner for The Preparation Company LLC & Co-Founder of MyLearningNFT LLC


He is a member of The Forbes Human Resources Council, The Fast Company Executive Board and Los Angeles Business Journals Leadership Trust.



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