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Kristin Slanina

  • Chief Innovation Officer, ParkMyFleet

  • Member Board Of Directors, Comstock Inc

  • Member Board Of Directors, Ouster

  • Mentor To University Mobility Communities

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Designing The 
Meta-Mobility Future

Kristin Slanina
Dr. Martha Boeckenfeld

As we delve deeper into the ever-evolving landscape of technological innovations, the interconnection between mobility and the metaverse emerges as a dynamic and transformative force of the Meta-Mobility.


This convergence presents a captivating realm of possibilities that are yet to be fully explored and appreciated. It’s about creating a world where technology enriches human experience.

Mobility is about the movement of people and goods – and the Metaverse symbolizes the transmission of ideas, experiences, and engagements across the digital milieu, merging diverse viewpoints, aspirations, and possibilities in ways previously unimagined.


Meta Mobility provides accessibility, inclusivity, and sustainability. It’s how we can be more efficient with our time as well as resources.


Spanning three decades, Kristin’s mechanical engineering knowledge, natural leadership talents, and obsession with excellence make her a standout competitor in the male-dominated automotive industry.

Synchronicity played a hand in Kristin’s current position as CIO of Park My Fleet, which builds staffed mobility hubs for fleet vehicles. The state of electric vehicle (EV) technology and its relationship with consumers require data points no one had.

Questions like, What’s the current state of EV charging infrastructure? How well does the consumer adapt to EV technology? What are the gaps that impede EV mass adoption? 

To answer these and other consumer-related questions, Slanina took advantage of an offer to set up an EV Cannonball run. 

In her role as a chief innovation officer, she served as executive producer and managing director of the Charge Across America EV rally, televised on NBC Sports.

She orchestrated and led five teams to compete in driving electric vehicles from NY to LA for a 10-day televised production. Kristin drove alongside the teams, who each had a different EV, the full 3300 miles in a Tesla. She takes the data story and EV 101 on the road, speaking to audiences from CFOs to dealers and resellers.

Her stint as COO of TrueCar, an online portal for car-buying for consumers and a network of over 10K certified dealers, developed during a highly competitive recruiting process, where she was referred to as the “purple squirrel” for her unique pedigree as a core engine engineer.  

Her “future-of-mobility” expertise, consumer-fulfillment strategies, and savvy business leadership made her an ideal experiment for TrueCar.

In a prior role as Chief Transformation Officer for Thirdware, an IT consulting firm, she led the Emerging Technology Group and paved the way to augment Thirdware’s partnership with Ford and other Tier 1 OEMs on vehicle software development, machine learning, and blockchain technology.

Earlier in her career, Kristin defined and scaled EY’s future mobility business model, skyrocketing revenue from $0 to $20M globally in the first year.  

EY had wooed Kristin away from Ford originally to create and develop its global mobility practice. Kristin advised clients on the future of mobility and smart cities.  Enticed by her unique background as a powertrain engineer with automotive and digital innovation, she became the new Executive Director of Automotive Transportation Mobility at EY. In that role, she secured multimillion-dollar funding to develop the Tesseract (blockchain) platform.  Integrating blockchain technology, automotive ecosystems, and strategic, operational frameworks. 



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